Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura - Case vacanza, appartamenti e ville in affitto Santa Teresa Gallura

An outpost of extreme beauty, Santa Teresa Gallura stands at the northern end of Sardinia where it boldly faces the powerful Mistral, eternally competing for charm with Bonifacio the Corsican, from which it is separated by a wonderful small expanse of sea.
The small centre of Santa Teresa Gallura bears witness to very ancient settlements, with such testimonies as the remnants of the Nuragic Tombs of Giants, the gravite caves which had been exploited by the Romans, the splendid Aragonese Tower which was built by order of Filippo II – a revered symbol of the region and a victorious icon of Sardinian tourism.
In 1808, when Francesco Maria Magnon was the head of the tower, King Vittorio Emanuele ordered by royal decree that a village be built in order to counter the spreading phenomenon of smuggling at the frontier.
The Teresini keep the plan designed by the King himself in their communal archives, and they are justly proud of their historic centre, characterized by a harmonious and even network of clean and flowery streets, inspired by Turin's planimetry and tasting of Acciuleddi and Papassini – you will know what those are in the wink of an eye...
The unequalled beauty of the Rena Bianca beach, ever awarded with the Blue Flag, its turquoise sea that turns emerald-green, the sparkling granite cliffs besieged by the thick maquis of the Mediterranean sea which permeates the air with its thousand fragrances – all these are praised all over the world.
The headland of Capo Testa, with its amazing twin coasts, the majestic rocky coastline which has been moulded throughout the successive millenniums by the never-tiring vital breath of the wind and the epic tempests, were made immortal by the sheen pages of the travel and fashion magazines which used them as backgrounds for famous commercials to excite the collective imagination and invite us to look around in order to find ourselves, as was suggested by the Hippy movement that, in the 70s, turned it into a centre of alternative lifestyle.
The beautiful stretch of the Marmorata beach, Valle dell'Erica, the splendours of Santa Reparata, the motionless peace of Porto Pozzo all contributed to the touristic takeoff that took place in the 50s with the emergence of internationally recognized hotels and nightclubs, under the auspices of the high society elite, then led by the buxom actress Marisa Allasio.
Still today, Santa Teresa Gallura's unique atmosphere is rich with creeks, long beaches sucked by crystal-clear water, the hinterland scattered with ancient stazzi (the typical rural house). It is a place worth exploring for its reigning timeless silence, its knotted and twisted trees, its gigantic, fantastically-shaped rocks, its tangled thickets – the shelters of wolves and wild boars. For all this, Santa Teresa is a site that everyone craves to discover.
It's too much... the pioneers did sigh.
The connoisseurs come to Santa Teresa Gallura in Spring or in September. But even at Ferragosto (August 15), if you want to play the noble savage, you will be able to find your own private special creek.
In a beautiful natural bay, the new touristic port of Santa Teresa Gallura guarantees a safe and comforting welcome to the numerous travellers who can enjoy the best destinations for their sea excursions, i.e. The Maddalena Archipelago, Corsica, the Isles of Lavezzi and of the highly fashionable Cavallo.
In Santa Teresa Gallura, there are diving centres, run by prestigious experts (among which famous world champions), riding schools, playing fields, shops of all kinds (one is tempted to loot the local food shops), bars, holiday cottages, pubs, nightclubs, hotels enough to meet the needs of any demanding summer vacationer.
In Santa Teresa Gallura, you will also enjoy a picturesque weekly open market where the best Sardinian gastronomy directly arrives from the typical places of production: amaretti and gueffos (almond pastries and biscuits), torrone (nougat), salumi (delicatessen), prosciutti di cinghiale (wild boar ham which even attract the crowned heads of Italy), pecorini (goat cheese)... enough to make one dizzy with their strong scents and to tempt one to leave with a a rich booty.
Popular festivals featuring traditional food and dances, as well as cultural events, and international musical manifestations take part in making a stay in Santa Teresa Gallura a must-do.
The cultural and aesthetic twinning of Santa Teresa Gallura and Bonifacio is kept alive by numerous daily naval trips which will make you sail across the frontier of the territorial waters.

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