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Located in one of the most spectacular forks of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, Palau has reached extraordinary success in the panorama of international tourism.

Its coasts, artistically moulded by Nature, evoke surreal representations, unique in the world, such as the gigantic Bear which, in its ancient immobility, overlooks the whole territory, winding from Port Lischia to Cape d'Orso, including Port Pollo, the Trana Bay, Punta Sardegna, to finally turn southward, forming the harbour of Mezzoschifo.

To the east of the port of Palau, one reaches the famous rock of the Bear, a granite hill which the atmospheric agents shaped in the form of a bear along the years – a peculiar site worth seeing in itself..

From Port Pollo and the Isle dei Gabbiani, you will enjoy a unique spectacle thanks to the colour and the purity of the sea, its rocks – which are particularly suggestive at the Bay of Scilla – along the 25-km's coast towards Port Rafael, set amidst granite rocks which were moulded by the wind, and immersed in the uncontaminated Mediterranean Sea. To reach the Bay of Trana, just after the promontory of Punta Sardegna, one needs to use rubber dinghies – easy to be found in one of the numerous shops of Palau.

The etymology of its name goes back to the 14th century, when the fishermen used the term « parago » - hence « Parao », to refer to the safest spots on the coast, protected from the wind: thus the touristic vocation of the area was already featured in its exotic and ancient name.

Palau's promontory offers a well-equipped touristic port with a large range of lodgings, leisures and shopping areas.

According to the legend, when he described Ulysses' voyage, Homer thought of this area as a landing place for his hero: whatever one may believe, if there is one sea fit for Neptune to play tricks to his rival, with the alternation of storms and dead calm, this is perfectly it: and indeed, its sea is particularly suited to sailing sports and windsurfing, as these sports' lovers know.
Palau is enlivened with many cultural and sports events from Spring – when the sea roses blossom on the sandhills of the Bay fo Trana and Isuledda – to September.
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