Chia - Case vacanza, appartamenti e ville in affitto Chia

Closer to the African coast from where the Phoenicians arrived to colonize Sardinia, than to the Italian peninsula, Chia exhibits its shores of long dunes, stretching among the calm and splendid sea and the ancient granite rocks.
With its five-mile long stretch of sand starting from Cape Spartivento, Chia offers long immaculate white beaches and small creeks of absolute surrounding purity. Chia is commonly said to spread either from Su Cardolinu, a sacred site for the Phoenicians who have left traces of the Topheth on the small island, or from Su Portu and Sa Colonia, where the high Spanish tower stands on the site where the ancient Phoenician city of Bithia was built.
On top of Chia's pond – worth seeing in Spring when it hosts thousands of flamingoes – you will enjoy the beach of Monte Cogoni, at the foot of the homonymous headland, and the small Cala del Morto beach, which can only be reached swimming or walking in the sea.
However, you will easily drive (and park) to the beaches of Porto Campana and Su Giudeu, which are famous for being used as settings in commercials and movies – the Italian automobile magazine QuattroRuote has described the coastal Chia-Teulada road as the most picturesque in Italy.
A bath at Cala Cipolla is a must-do: the creek is protected by granite crests on which the suggestive lighthouse of Cape Spartivento stands – it can be reached by foot, after a half-hour's walk, and is worth visiting for the beautiful and unlimited seascape it offers from the height of its solitary position.
The hinterland of Chia is also very picturesque: it was marked by the paesants' labour, whose caracteristic traces tell of an ancient agropastoral civilization, much present in the small centre, among the oleanders of the Domus de Maria.
Further north in the hinterland, you will see the natural reserve of Is Cannoneris, a particularly suggestive mountainous area covered with woods where there still are mufloni goats, deers and Sardinian does.
In Cagliari, which is not far, folklore and archeology lovers will be able to visit a rich museum and open ruins of the numerous civilizations which followed one another in this area.
After so much sea and nature, you can also enjoy a lively nightlife and all the comforts of the well-equipped touristic centres of Chia.

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