Castelsardo - Case vacanza, appartamenti e ville in affitto Castelsardo

Castelsardo, sheltered on a highly picturesque promontory on the splendid gulf of Asinara, was used as a defensive key by the powerful Doria family who erected a sandstone and trachyte castle in the 12th century which still severely stands out on the region and the gulf. It was finally restaured in 1985 and now hosts the Museum of the History of the Mediterranean which recalls how the central geographical position of the island has promoted the cultural cosmopolitanism which is witnessed by the rich craftsmanship flourishing there.

From the top of the fortress, you can admire the whole view of the Gulf of Castelsardo as well as of Corsica.
Justly proud of its past and traditions, Castelsardo stages the procession of the Lunissanti every Holy Monday, with all its charge of pathos – it started in the 11th century when the Benedictine monks settled in the area and built a monastery of which now remains the splendid basilica of Santa Maria di Tergu – a jewel of the Romanesque-Pisan art.

Castelsardo keeps the past alive while looking towards the future, and that is why the beach below has been put ou to date to host the small touristic harbour, the departing place for excursions in the wide sea, teeming with fish.
Numerous are the neighbouring beaches: 2 miles away, the sandi Lu Bagnu beach, on the east, the Vignaccia, Pedra Ladda, dominated by green rocks and, for those who enjoy secluded spots difficult to reach, Cala Ostina.

In the hinterland of Castelsardo, on the national road n.134 between Castelsardo and Sedini, the great trachyte mass of the Elephant, sculpted by the wind through the milleniums, and surrounded by graffiti from the Neolitic, constiture an emblem of extraordinary natural and cultural strength.
The production of typical manufactured goods that can be bought in the numerous commercial centres is particularly rich.
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